Increased EXP rate.
Added Angel wing avatar.
Starter premium can be used to attend fgw/dungeon and every restricted region.
Added craft scroll to Gold Miner NPC you will be able to craft your Protector/Armor items to Seal of Star Box for 10m Added seal of moon crate that you will be able to get moon items through it
Removed Moon accessories from Seal of star crate.
Replaced all party battle arenas to random battle arena.
Added 100m Reward From Job Cave Quest (You will get them on your storage)
Added 10 Job coin reward to each win in battle arena random
Replaced SoE set in the NPC to Moon there will be only Head, Chest and Legs available and only Head is enabled to buy now.
Moon Shoulder, hand and foot will be available through Seal Of Moon Crate, only shoulder is available now along with accessories moon rest of parts will be added every week
Added Seal Of Moon Box to FGW Boss Unique 1* = 50%, 2* = 1 Box, 3* = 2 Boxes and 4* = 3 Boxes
Added Seal Of Moon Box to Dungeon quest Enabled Jangan trade route. You will be able to gain profit from town to town only
Increased DW>HT profit to 80m and 6 coins.
Decreased Gold coin requirement to 2 instead of 3 for moon parts
Replaced SoE set parts to Moon in the NPC
Reduced Activation scroll price to 50m for set, 75m accs and 100m for weapon
Added blue remove scroll for set and avatar in item mall for 50silk
Added Gold Coin Drop from Medusa 1x STR/INT
Added Gold Bar to magic pop you will be able to sell it to the NPC for 300m
Increased Elixir drop rate.
Increase last tier items drop rate.
Added Premium requirement to attend Battle Arena Added Seal of Moon Crate To uniques Arabian uniques [2]. Alpyhn [1]. Job Temple Uniques [2]. ROC/Eagle Boss [3]. Medusa [4].


- Enabled Seal of Eagle weapons, SoE changer scrolls (weapon > weapon) and the upgrade scrolls (moon > soe). Upgrade scroll will keep the plus & blues, not the stats.
- Seal of Moon shield is now available in magic pop, and FGW quest.
- Union limit has been set to 2. Unions over 2 guilds are disbanded.
- Enabled Eagle Christmas Event! Collect "E A G L E" letters to win free silk items and precious rewards. Items that you have the chance to win;
>Global Chat
>Reverse Return Scroll
>Instant Return Scroll
>Immortal Stone 9DG
>Astral Stone 9DG
>Damage Absorb Scroll 10%
- Added 2 new avatars to Avatar Mall.
- Increased PC/IP limits. PC:2 / IP:4
- Added Double Profit Event from 08:00 to 10:00 servertime for our asian players.
- Added moon accessories to SOS boxes.

Eagle Flora PvP Event #2 (STR)

Eagle Flora PvP Event #2 (INT)


Lucky scroll (5%) is added to magic pop.  
Guild penalty remover scroll costs 40 silks now.  
Each kill in survival will grant you 1 arena coins as an addition to activity tokens.  
Edited Job Cave Quest rewards: Gain 10 activity token & 20 job coins by doing it. (additional)  
Added Double Profit Event. Gain double coins during this time period. (Check Flora event schedule for the timers.)  

Applied Solo Honor System besides the academy system, to give solo players some more chance in the game. Honors are only available to gain in Survival Arena.
You have to choose between 2, cannot join both systems at once.
Registrations through: Jangan Storage  Honor ranks 1~2 king, 3~6 gold, 7~14 silver and 15~25 bronze buff, it will be enabled sunday at 23:59.  
Adjusted monsters of Samarkand/Constantinople  Optimized FGW pillar timers & Smuggler Caravan pet.
Added Gender Switcher & Guild Penalty Remover to Eagle Crate.  
Enabled Constantinople Fortress.  
Jangan Fortress is now a solo fortress, which means its open for solo guild occupation only.
Enabled Seal of Moon weapons & accessories.
Accessory upgrade scrolls are put in Gold Miner.  
Moon shields will not be available for now, as it will be too powerful for the current situation. We will consider adding it in the upcoming updates.

Eagle - FLORA Update v1 | 23.11.2020

-Grab pet inventory has been increased to 2 pages.
-Increased job exp rate.
-Increase stones success rate.
-Added premium requirement to Baghdad Dungeon pillar.
-Added premium requirement to PvP Matching. (You now have to be in safezone in order to teleport for your match.)

Academy system;
-Added 30 kill limit aka 60 honor from job kill. (per day, limit reset 00:00 servertime.)
-Added prem requirement to obtain honor point. You cannot gain honors from killing someone without premium.
-Disabled obtaining honor point from job cave kills.
-Applied hwid limit 1 per kill every 8 hours.
-Removed "minimum 5 honor point requirement".

-Increased Eagle Boss HP.
-Increased all job uniques HP.
-Added stones drop from dungeon with a reasonable rate.
-Added 4 New daily quests which are arabian unique kills. (last hit party, no need to be the killer.)
   1 Magic Pop
   1 Stone Crate (1~3 str, int or lucky stone 100% success rate.)
-Inactive items are 140level, people wont be able to use them until we enable activation scroll on friday. Its not a bug, they'll turn into 90 during activation.
-Disabled silk scroll usage while you are in job.
-Reduced regular transpet speed which is bought from stable to 4m.
-Increased spawn rate in job cave.
-Fixed Engineer title's spelling.
-Added Protector NPC to samarkand so people are able to repair.
-Added swords to stall network.
-Fixed Cerberus STR dark effect.
-Reduced Khulood's multishot damage.
-Added 5 second delay to all chat to prevent people from spamming.
-Removed wing tribe stuns in BA.
-Increased medusa hp to 200m.
-Increased arabian coast spawn rate.
-Modified job uniques spawn points.
-Normal uniques now respawn every 1 to 1:30 hour.

Grand Opening Preperations, changelog

-Removed activation scroll from Gold Miner NPC, it will be enabled after 1 week.

-Disabled pvp cape in the fortress war area.

-Added new quest to job cave you will need to kill 750mob to obtain 1 immortal chest.

-Applied PC limit 1 for all quests so you can only make quest for 1 character per -PC every 24 hour.

-Arabian uniques drops are increased. 4x 100 silk scroll increased to 6x 100 -silk scroll and seal of star chest increased to 4.

-Eagle Boss unique drop increased. 6x 100 silk scroll increased to 8x 100 silk scroll and seal of star chest increased to 6.

-Removed seal of star chest from battle arena party and guild wins and added it to an automated quest you have to win 3 battle arena party or guild and you will get 1 seal of star chest.

-Added Archangel avatar.

-Added Engineer title.

-Removed stun from battle arena monsters.

-Attack pets damage for int uniques which are demon shaitan and higher uniques has been fixed.

-Removed therapy skill from force.

-Added notice for special title usage.

-Added last tier drop items from dungeon monsters.

-Added special character icon in magic pop.

-Dungeon pillar cooldown 23hours now.

-Replaced hotan-togui trade route to hotan-petra.

Grand Opening Information

Time left for the opening: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2290616/floras-grand-opening

Regarding the PC/IP Limits; PC limit will be 1 and IP 2 for the first 2-3 days and we will increase it or keep it based on the playerbase because silkroad files are limited. (Stability purposes)

Regarding Seal of Star items; You will be able to obtain sos items from chests, you will be able to fuse, add blues and stats but you won't be able to use it for 1 week until we enable it.

Premium Remover Scroll is disabled until the first 300 event ends.

EVENTS Most of the automated events will not be active in the first 1-2 days.

We will enable them with a short server restart and inform you about it.

NITRO BOOST WE HAVE REACHED 197 BOOST, CRAZY!! MY GIVEAWAY POST IS READY, WAITING TO HIT 200 BOOSTS! Booster Advantages: Win "Nitro Booster" title ingame instantly, and a fancy booster icon. NEW: Boosters will protect their names from being stolen. We have modified a few stuff since the open beta


Good evening, fam! 

Registrations are enabled.

To login Eagle in the grand opening, you MUST register a new account. Your beta accounts will not work. 

Donations are enabled for all methods.

Increased silk bonuses on the pricelist, have a look at #silk-prices  

Updated the beginner/advanced packages. To see the latest packs, have a look at #ingame-packages

Uploaded latest clients to the website, ready to download! We will apply several updates tomorrow and inform you about it in changelogs



#1 - 2x Share Events on facebook.

#2 - RAZER HEADSET GIVEAWAY > #🎉discord-events

#3 - Elitepvpers signature event, comment with your ingame name to our elitepvpers thread with our signature, win free silks!

#4 - Comment your job alliance to grab your chance to win advanced package. (5x winners)

SHARE EVENT #1: https://www.facebook.com/eagle.sro/videos/1025126828004277

SHARE EVENT #2 https://www.facebook.com/eagle.sro/posts/2782029678734511

SIGNATURE EVENT: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/sro-pserver-advertising/4828394-eagle-flora-cap-90-ch-extensive-breakthrough.html#post38435186

COMMENT EVENT: https://facebook.com/watch/?v=1111988582593097

GRAND OPENING COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2290616/floras-grand-opening



13th, Friday: Medusa/Perennial
14th, Saturday: Survival
15th, Sunday: Battlefield
16th, Monday: Powerlevel Event.


> Medusa killers: 1,000 silks. (For each STR/INT)
> Survival Rank:
#1 - 1,000 silk
#2 - 800 silk
#3 - 600 silk
#4 - 400 silk
#5 - 200 silk

Perennial Event: 500 silks to the winner.
Battlefield Event: 800 silks to Eagle Boss killer inside. (STR/INT - each)
Powerlevel Event: 8x beginner package to the first party reaching max level, 90.

All events will be held at 20:00 GMT+2 server time.

  • Hill_Lawyer has killed Cerberus(INT) 43 mins ago

  • Hill_Lawyer has killed Cerberus(STR) 41 mins ago

  • Hill_Lawyer has killed Tiger Girl(STR) 40 mins ago

  • Egy has killed Uruchi(STR) 39 mins ago

  • Egy has killed Uruchi(INT) 35 mins ago

  • The_OttomaN_ has killed Osiris 32 mins ago

  • l_Wukon_l has killed Demon Shaitan(STR) 26 mins ago

  • Egy has killed Tiger Girl(INT) 26 mins ago

  • Egy has killed Captain Ivy(STR) 13 mins ago

  • wajezus has killed Demon Shaitan(INT) 7 mins ago

  • Hill_Lawyer: uniq selket and anubis 6793 | 55 mins
  • RaMoZaDa: ya 3m 3ezat t3ala pt | 46 mins
  • Hill_Lawyer: pt 6765 | 45 mins
  • SIxYe: wtb challenge 1x= 1SILK | 41 mins
  • Hill_Lawyer: pt eagle 6764 | 41 mins
  • SizofreN: you know this | 36 mins
  • SizofreN: not 4 vs 1 noob �m one 4 account my | 35 mins
  • RaMoZaDa: also ty for 300s and 2 immortals enough for me righ now ^^ | 35 mins
  • RaMoZaDa: 4vs 2 and we fucked u already enough next uniq we will meet :D | 34 mins
  • SizofreN: zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhah fckk youuuuuuuuuuu | 33 mins