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Server Stats
  • Players Online: 861 / 4000
    Support Online: 0 / 0
Server timer
  • Servertime: 10:43:27
  • CTF:
  • Survivial Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
  • JG Fortress: Not occupied
  • HT Fortress: AnatoliaTurK
  • CT Fortress: Not occupied
  • BT Fortress: Not occupied
Lastest 10 Unique Kills
  • Shiya has killed Cerberus (Str) -11h 56m 33s ago

  • THM has killed Captin Ivy (Str) -11h 55m 47s ago

  • Ma3lem has killed Tiger Girl -11h 53m 07s ago

  • THM has killed Captin Ivy -11h 51m 53s ago

  • _Boava_ has killed Tiger Girl (Str) -11h 51m 37s ago

  • HexaKill has killed Beakyung The White Viper (Str) -11h 50m 36s ago

  • HexaKill has killed Khulood -11h 21m 21s ago

  • Ko has killed Demon Shaitan -11h 20m 10s ago

  • Tatto has killed Harrison -11h 13m 51s ago

  • THM has killed Lord Yarkan (Str) -11h 11m 47s ago